Welcome Autumn! 

Happy First Monday Of Autumn! I know I waste a lot of time commenting on the weather here in the desert southwest, and probably think about it more than is healthy, but hey, when you live in a place that offers two seasons (at best) and opportunities for third degree burns from your steering wheel fully half the year, well, it's easy to focus on little things like the first Monday of Autumn. I'm good for 1,000 words if we get some rain!

This week upcoming will find me in Prescott, AZ at the Prescott Center for the Arts for the Folk Sessions Does Dylan tribute Friday the 30th. Saturday October 1 I'll be at the Prescott Folk Festival at Sharlot Hall at 2:30 in the Amphitheater, and on Sunday the 2nd I'll be back in the Valley at the Rhythm Room for the Phoenix Blues Society's Blues Showdown. Doors open there at 11:30 (am!), music starts at high noon.

Have a wonderful week, everyone! Please enjoy this clip of the great Harry Manx - "Only Then Will Your House Be Blessed"
and this song from my first CD "Wills And Won'ts" - It's All Right:

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