What's So Funny About Peace, Love And Understanding? 

Indeed. This is, purportedly, the Season of Peace, right? Peace on earth good will to men (and women, of course.) That's what the song says. 

Oh well. Peace is far too difficult a goal to achieve, at least with we humans. Far too many trees to piss on for there ever to be any true and lasting accord in our world. One man's opinion. Let's move on, then ... to 

Love? Unfortunately for a lot of us what we love is decided for us by what we see and hear and are told we need. I know, I know, what a bleak rendering of this ethereal construct that supposedly Makes The World Go 'Round (see above) and Is A Many Splendored Thing. That's what the songs say. OK, then, what about

Understanding? Ah. We have the capacity to understand, yes. And reason, and think for ourselves and create and make tools. So do a lot of other species, it seems (so Science has shown us. Remember Science?). An application of Understanding would enable we humans to learn from our past mistakes; to prepare for and perhaps mitigate our uncertain future. It would enable us, perhaps, to see Love as something more than an acquisition-driven design, and Peace as beneficial to our world.

We here at the House Of Strays wish you all a peaceful week....

And here's a tune from my most recent CD Road Of Man :  Everybody's Just A Heartbeat Away



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