Where To Now? Rain Don't Follow The Plow. 

Where do we go from here? You saw it, watched it on your 60" flat-screen TV. Or heard it on NPR. You watched the replays, are still watching the replays, listening to the pundits debate about the end of "democracy" (no caps, intentional). Where do we go? In another era the "patriots"(no caps, intentional) storming and violating the the halls of the Capitol would have been rounded up and summarily shot. As would those who fomented and incited the mob have been. Obviously that can't/won't happen now, but what will happen? 

What should happen, won't: The president (no caps, intentional) should be removed from office, along with his lackeys, bootlickers and enablers. Those elected officials who continued their assault on the election despite no evidence of malfeasance should lose their jobs, their pensions and their careers. They should all pay reparations. But they won't. None of these things will happen. 

So, where do we go from here?

Rain Don't Follow The Plow. 


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