You Ain't Rollin' Solo. Honest. 

I'm primarily a solo performer these days - it's much easier for me at the moment given family dynamics, high school sports responsibilities and general time management. I am, however, performing more often in a duo format with a good friend and kindred soul (musical and otherwise) and find it to be most gratifying. There's a special thing that happens between musicians onstage when it's right, when two minds, ten fingers and two souls combine - merge - to create something new and different and honest.

In music as in life, the richness for which we yearn, the knowledge of which we seek becomes much more accessible through collaboration. At least it seems to speed up the process. And while sometimes this collaboration feels like more work than it's worth - ask any parent, partner, teammate or teacher - there are those days, certainly, we (as imperfect humans) are always more powerful and more vital in concert than alone.

You might have all the answers - share them if you can, 'cause you ain't rollin' solo out on that road of man.

We here at the House Of Strays wish you a pleasant week and as much communion as you desire. Here's the title tune from my latest CD Road Of Man for your listening, downloading and sharing pleasure:

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