Indigenous Peoples Day 


How nice to bestow an honorary "day" upon a people. It's the least that could be offered, I suppose, to the original Americans. You remember them? It was they who were systematically removed from their country to make…


Cross Pollination 

Last week I was asked by a friend of mine Jamal - a Hip Hop artist - to join him in the studio. What? Now, what in the WORLD could a Neo-folky-americana-ish-blues-infused-acoustic-string-twanger possibly do there?

Turns out, quite a…


Cause And Effect 

There's been a lot of energy spent on examining the relationship between Cause and Effect. A scientist or doctor might opine that Cause is the result of the alignment and conjoining of neural pathways in a specific fashion and in…



As we fall into Autumn and the political rhetoric escalates, I am reminded of why I wrote this song - about a caterpillar who refuses to leave his cocoon. Here's the lyric:

Don't want to be no butterfly


I Cannot Write A Love Song. Really. Finally.

So it goes. The long-promised much anticipated (right!) finished product. Here's a link to a facebook video of "I Cannot Write A Love Song" performed live at The B Side in Scottsdale, AZ last Friday night. Thanks to my friend…


Laboring on Labor Day (Of All Things) 

Yep. So it's Music Monday on a Tuesday, due to the fact that I was working - good, true, honest work this time - literally all day. My wife is moving into a new office, so yesterday was THE DAY…


I Cannot Write A Love Song, Finis

And to the bridge, and the final verse, and done. I've been playing this song now for a while, and as you kindred writers out there know songs don't become their full and glorious selves until they've been performed many…


I Cannot Write A Love Song, Pt. 2 

Work still in progress, but getting closer. Here's the second verse:

He said "Long ago I loved so fiercely
That current stripped me to the bone
Nothing left but mud and ruin
And sin that I could not atone


I Cannot Write Love Song 

Snippets from a work in progress:

Satan caught me at the river
When the surge was running high
He said I could walk on water
We watched the world go washing by

He said "Pity not the wretched



We here at the House Of Strays wish you a week bereft of violence and terror. Our hearts go out to the people of Dayton and El Paso. Enough.

Here's a tune from my second CD Up We Go



Sometimes, amidst the constant babble of our everyday, I find myself yearning for ... silence. A break from the cacophony of news, advertisements, pleadings, askings, avowals, defamations, orders, warnings, solicitations, requests....

Most of this happens in my head, of…


Hither And Yon - Notes From The Road 

A few notes from my Summer Soul-Stice Tour; stuff that's come up upon reflection.

7,100 miles in 18 days. Seemed reasonable on paper - quite another thing behind the wheel.
Coolest Venue (literally): Peaks Island, Maine
Coolest Venue (figuratively)…