And A Good Monday To You 

I'm currently involved in a songwriting group. Now, the internet has its potential pitfalls, but it's is a wonderful thing - in this way - as 16 of us from all over the country can share and inspire and learn from one another other through a forum without which such experience would be impossible. So each week we're given a prompt - a topic - and must use that prompt in the song we must write in the ensuing week. The tunes are posted on a Facebook page, where we listen to and comment on the weekly offerings. Besides me there are folks from Alabama, Florida, Texas, West Virginia and other states I'm forgetting. It's been a great learning experience, no doubt, and quite an insight into how other songwriters work. 

This is apropos to nothing, except I stumbled upon this YouTube video of Ray Charles' version of Rainy Night In Georgia which is just about the coolest thing I've heard for a while. Please enjoy it!

And here's a tune of mine that mentioned rain, for your downloading pleasure....

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