Dancin' With The Dragon

Nope, not talking about heroin. Talking about songwriting. On very rare occasions songs will be revealed to me almost fully formed, so much so that I get nervous about staying out of the way and not screwing it up. More often the process of bringing a song to life, for me anyway, is akin to what I call "dancing with the dragon".

There's a process, certainly, but it's an ever changing, ever-evolving process that, except for a few commonalities, is different for almost every creation. Not unlike what I imagine it would be like dueling with a fictional fire-throwing-flying reptile possessed of a bad attitude. In those instances the song almost becomes an adversary. I swear sometimes I can feel it daring me to rhyme that line, daring me to throw out that entire verse. 

This happen to any of you?

I have a song in the works right now that's behaving like a petulant two-year-old. I'm about to swat it on the fanny and send it to bed....

Please check out this tune by legendary Blues artist Sonny Boy Williamson: NINE BELOW ZERO

I know, it has nothing to do with the subject of this blog, but it's such a killer video, and you NEED to see it!

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