Each Is Given A Bag Of Tools... 

Shapeless Lives And A Book Of Rules.

What we do with that book is completely up to us, of course. We can read the whole thing chapter by chapter. We can consign it to a shelf where it will gather dust. We can pick and choose those topics that we find interesting, or deem useful to us. Regardless of how we use the information therein, that information is there for us, specific to our individual interpretation. You can think of it as the instruction manual for our unique Bag Of Tools.

As a Book gets dusty sitting unread in the library, our Tools get rusty when they're not used and maintained, oiled, sharpened or honed, dressed and worked. Love is one such Tool. Music is another. Consideration and Compassion and Humility are all Tools - ones that, unfortunately, I neglect or forget to use. 

Our Shapeless Lives are given their eventual shape by the use (or dis-use or mis-use) of every Tool we have at our disposal, given our reading or ignorance of our Book Of Rules.

We here at the House Of Strays wish you a peaceful week full of grace - however you define it.... 

Please enjoy (listen, download, share) the title tune from my latest CD It's A Rough World, Baby

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