Folks And Festivals

Folk Festivals are a wonderful way to connect with your community, your music environment, and yourself. Performances are wildly divergent, as are demographics, ages and cultures. On any given stage you may have a professional musician being followed by a 78 year old great grandfather followed by a ukulele band comprised of elementary school students. That's one of the joys of attending a folk festival - you never know what gem you're going to unearth. Folk Festivals are almost always (on a regional level, anyway) conceived, organized and executed by volunteers, folks who love music, love their communities and love bringing people together to share. 

As musicians, we're lucky to have places like this to play, for attendees of these festivals are generally there to listen to our music. And for that alone we should all be grateful....

And to continue the Zevon-fest from last week, please enjoy this version of MOHAMMED'S RADIO by Warren, backed by Jackson Browne and David Lindley, among others.

Have a good week....

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