It's A Rough World, Baby 

I had planned on writing something about my new CD, which I'm releasing in physical form this week. But in the wake of the most recent gun-violence and tragedy in Las Vegas this past weekend I feel it's wholly inappropriate to write something as self-aggrandizing and self congratulatory as a CD release announcement.

If there are two events at more opposite ends of the life-experience spectrum than a mass shooting at a music festival I cannot imagine what they would be. Violence vs. Art. Horror vs. Beauty. Destruction vs. Creation. I am saddened for the victims, bewildered by the assailant, rocked to my core that something designed to bring people together to enjoy the creation of an immediate musical experience has been fractured and blown to bits. And I'm guessing that music festivals will never be the same. It's a rough world, baby, no doubt....

Here's Bob Dylan's BALLAD OF HOLLIS BROWN by Rise Against

And the title track to the CD


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