Laboring on Labor Day (Of All Things) 

Yep. So it's Music Monday on a Tuesday, due to the fact that I was working - good, true, honest work this time - literally all day. My wife is moving into a new office, so yesterday was THE DAY to get things moved in, things hung on the wall, things plugged in and configured, things thrown away, things taken from storage, things taken TO storage ... you get the picture. Plus, we had earlier in the week declared that Monday evening would be Family Time (which in our case involves forcing the teenagers to detach from their handheld devices and join us for dinner and a movie.) 

As a result, the demo version of "I Cannot Write A Love Song" was not delivered as promised, nor will you find it here. Perhaps next Monday. 

You're crushed. 

I know.

Here's to hoping it's worth the wait, and that you all have a wonderful week filled with music and love and light. Please be kind to one another - we're all we've got....


Here'a live version of Steve Earle's classic Americana tune "Copperhead Road". I hope you enjoy it.

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  • Darrell Elmer Rodgers
    Darrell Elmer Rodgers New Mexico
    Wow Brother! You played the devil out-a that song!

    Wow Brother! You played the devil out-a that song!

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