Thank You Veterans. Thank You Teachers 

Yes, we are indebted to those serving (and having served) in our military. We certainly seem, in this day and age, to acknowledge our Veterans at every turn. Special discounts, social recognition, free tickets, standing ovations, flyovers, deals on insurance and mobile data service. 

All very much deserved.

Teachers deserve every perquisite so freely given to our Veterans, and perhaps more. They work just as hard. Their responsibilities are every bit as important as those of our military establishment. Yet Teachers are STILL grossly underpaid and under-appreciated. Perhaps a change in culture is needed? Teachers should be valued as much if not more than those who serve our country in a different way.

Think about it.

Here's a tune for your Monday (or whenever you get around to seeing this): Thank you for your service, Veterans, but Our Flag Decals Still Won't Get Us Into Heaven.


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