The Beauty Of the Listening Room

As songwriters and performers, we walk a fine line when we play out. Depending on the venue, our original material may not be appropriate. We understand this when we accept gigs at bars, restaurants and coffeehouses. We know we're going to be sonic wallpaper. Unfortunately this is the way most humans experience music these days - as something continuously running in the background. We're surrounded by music. It's everywhere. And nowhere, really, because it's rarely ever truly listened to. I'm as guilty as the next - between writing, practicing, recording and performing I very seldom devote my spare time to listening to music.

We in Phoenix are fortunate to have a venue eponymously named The Listening Room Phoenix. There you will find no food service, no bar, no TVs or jukebox. What you will find are 80 or so comfortable chairs, a beautifully lit stage, a professional sound system run with care and a discerning ear by a professional sound engineer, and an owner who is dedicated to providing a sanctuary for those who want to listen.

The Listening Room Phoenix is owned and run by Jim Colletti and his partner (and stellar songwriter) Adam Smith. Professional sound engineer Ryan Hall and Media Genius Christian Starry round out the team there. Together they create an unmatched environment for the consumption of live music. The venue is located at 4614 N 7th Street in Phoenix, and you can find out more information about it HERE.

If you are fortunate to have such a venue in your town, I urge you to patronize it regularly.

Here's a little something for your enjoyment: slide guitar master Kelly Joe Phelps playing his tune Down To The Prayin' Ground

Happy Monday from the ER Zone....

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