When It All Goes Right

Yesterday afternoon I played a show at one of my favorite venues in my area. It's a coffee/wine joint in a small town north of the big city in which I live. I've been playing there, roughly monthly, for several years. Sometimes inside (in the summer or during our rare inclement weather) sometime outside on their expansive but intimate (if that makes any sense) patio. It's a busy place, good food and great staff, and the owners have made a commitment to quality live music.

So yesterday (on the patio) the patrons and I turned this busy little bistro into a Listening Room. Now, as a songwriter and performer, the highest compliment I can be paid is to look up and see people engaged in what I'm doing. As many of you know, unless you're playing a ticketed event we musicians are often little more than background ambience. But yesterday for some reason - the perfect alignment of spheres, perhaps, we were all in the same space at the same time. When it all goes right it's a powerful thing as the energy put out is returned to you fifty-fold. It puts a lot of gas in the tank.

The venue of which I speak is called Janey's, in Cave Creek. If you're ever out my way I suggest you check it out. You can find more info HERE

We here at the House Of Strays wish you a good week, and we thank you for your ongoing support! 

Here's a recent set from a songwriters showcase I did a couple of weeks back. I hope you enjoy....

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