We Should All Have A Dream 

Dreams. Remember dreams? We've all had 'em. Some of us still do, and although our dreams at 16 might be different from our dreams at 50 they are still important, still worth pursuing. My dreams are different from yours, no…


Not All Who Wander Are Lost 

I've been accused - and rightly so - of not having a clearly defined life path. It's true. And while I used to envy (somewhat) those friends of mine who seemed to know  at a very young age exactly what…


Stop, Hey, What's That Sound? 

New year, resolutions and paradigm shifts, throwing off of old and embracing new, reluctance (and refusal) to change, fake this, fake that, spin spin and more spin, paradigm shifts, anti-this, anti-that, (who's on first, anyway?) corruption, collusion, abstraction, contusion, mis-management…



We here at the House Of Strays wish you a coming year filled with happiness, health, enlightenment, success and prosperity  (however you define them) and peace.

Thank you ALL for your support in the past year - not just…


What's So Funny About Peace, Love And Understanding? 

Indeed. This is, purportedly, the Season of Peace, right? Peace on earth good will to men (and women, of course.) That's what the song says. 

Oh well. Peace is far too difficult a goal to achieve, at least with…


Redact This, ------ ------ 

We the public, the lay folk, the minions, deserve to know the Truth. And I don't mean that "truth" distilled and sieved through the bladders of our bloated, self-important media outlets. The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth So…


Three Cheers For The Venues 

We musicians sometimes think we have it rough; writing, rehearsing, recording, practicing, doing bookings, social media updates, gigging, equipment maintenance, cold calling venues, etc. etc. etc.

Venues have it rough sometimes, too. Aside from usual business headaches like staffing…


Give Thanks, Show Gratitude, Be Thoughtful 

Thanksgiving is upon us, signaling the headlong death spiral into the holidays. Now, I'm not really that big a curmudgeon to imply that I hate the holidays, but what I do abhor is the rampant and cancerous commercialism that imbues…


Thank You Veterans. Thank You Teachers 

Yes, we are indebted to those serving (and having served) in our military. We certainly seem, in this day and age, to acknowledge our Veterans at every turn. Special discounts, social recognition, free tickets, standing ovations, flyovers, deals on insurance…


Vote. Please. 

Please vote.

I suppose watershed moments happen all the time, our perception of them depend on personal perspective. I do know for a fact, though, that our country has become meaner, cheaper, and lot less pleasant in the last…


How Long You Gonna Stand For This 

Lyric for a new song in the works. Shared with you on the wake of yet another (ANOTHER!) mass shooting/hate crime. In this era of intolerance, racism, bigotry and fear-mongering tell me: How long ARE we gonna stand for this?


Use It Or Lose It 

Some dear friends of mine living in the Hill Country of Texas opened a venue in the community in which they live. The idea was to provide an outlet for local musicians, touring professionals and headline caliber entertainers. They would…