1. Road Of Man

From the recording Road Of Man

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Road Of Man

You might know the gospel - you might not know the truth
You might read the headlines and wonder what’s the use
You might hate your neighbors and all they hold as true
You better polish up your button that says “What Would Jesus Do”
You might think that no one else can rock it like you can
You might not know where to go when mapping out your plan
Be careful where you turn
It might be too late to learn
How to find direction
Out on the road of man

You might be a cynic but drop a nickel in the well
You might not believe in heaven but hope there ain’t no hell
You might take precautions against the twists of fate
You might even take to prayin’ in hopes you’re not too late
You might worry ‘bout your future and the chances that you took
Something might be gaining on you but you’re too afraid to look
Your foot’s hard on the gas
Be sure to signal when you pass
Or you might just miss that curve ahead
Out on the road of man

You might be judging others by the color of their skin
You might hold the keys to heaven or think you know the back way in
You might be corner preaching with hell-fire in your eye
You might be in the shelter just trying to get by

You might think your day to day is more than you can stand
You might feel like you’re trying to catch some moonbeams in your hand
Remember long ago
Someone told you so
Nothing is the way it seems
Out on the road of man

You might beg for forgiveness but not understand the rules
You might mistake some broken glass for the sacred jewels
You might feel like you’re getting born or you might think you're dead
You might not recognize your savior if she dropped right in your bed

You might whistle past the graveyard you might spit into the wind
You might be just another innocent committing mortal sin
You might have all the answers
Share them if you can
Cause you ain’t rollin’ solo
Out on the road of man
You got a lot of company
You better understand
That you ain’t rollin’ solo….