What To Do, What To Do?  

To say we're in crisis here in our country would be an understatement. Never (in my lifetime) has there been such a spring tide of divisiveness, hatred, phobia and shame. The Greedheads and their pervasive influence on our collective psyches are succeeding in drawing us back into behaviors that hearken to an era most of us would call shameful if not downright evil. 

But wait - we're America. Nothing we ever do is evil, or spiteful, or mean, or ... wrong. We can explain. We can always trot out our founding…

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How Do We Know What's Real?  

Good question. I used to believe that everything I could touch, taste, feel, trip over or break was real. And although I never completely trusted any single source of information, there were some - to me - that were more credible than others.


These quaint beliefs were formed, of course, in those halcyon days before A.I., before virtual reality, before my awareness of the bully pulpit, before self-serving and politicized media outlets. So now, it seems, it's entirely possible to find one's self in a…

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In Praise Of The Independent Musician  

We all know them. Most of us are them: I'm talking about Independent Musicians - those unaffiliated with a label or a record company or a management team, etc. And while we (I) sometimes bemoan the lack of exposure and dearth of high-profile shows, there are in fact many benefits to being independent. 

Perhaps to me the single most important aspect of being independent is that I have complete control of my music. There's no one dictating what to write, what to record, where to play, where NOT to play. I…

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In Praise Of The Open-Mic  

Chances are, if you're a performing musician, you've taken part in an open-mic night at your local bar/restaurant/coffeehouse/venue. It's a great way to gain experience, network with other musicians, try out new material, and generally become part of the whole. I've seen friendships start, romantic relationships flare and sputter, professional connections made, music happen. It's a good place to feel part of a Community of music makers. It's a great place to find inspiration. And the best open-mics are…

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What Happens When You Got Nuthin'?  

Every once in a while I'm left with nothing to say. Nothing. So rather than bore you to death with meaningless drivel (ok, so that's different than ... what?) I'll just leave you be this week. 

It'll pass - always does. 

So be forewarned. 

We here at the House Of Strays wish you a calm, quiet week of ... nuthin'.

Enjoy this tune from my second CD Up We Go: Please.

In-Dependence, We Trust (?)  

America was founded by a bunch of forward thinking iconoclasts who had had enough of subjugation, persecution and little or no representation in the affairs of government. This much we all know. That a war was fought to bring an end to the prevailing paradigm is also common knowledge. And as most of us know - but may not choose to acknowledge - America became, after years of evolution, a nation that subjugated, persecuted and left without representation her own citizens. From a country accepting any and all…

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Bad Craziness, And How To Find Relief  

Yep, we're in it now. Bad Craziness all around, and the Jackals have chewed their own tails to the nub and are looking for fresh meat. I'm not sure where we go from here, Winslow, but we'd better move fast and with stealth. 

No use opining (or pontificating, for that matter) on the state of Things 'round these parts. We'll just have to get used to wearing those labels we used to affix to Others, and get used to the view from the base of the mountain. Remember how good the air used to smell from up top?

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What We Are Becoming  

Actually, we've ALWAYS been: Mean-Spirited. Abusive. Racist. Irrelevant. Self-Centered. Angry. Entitled. Ignorant. Cheats. Bullies. Pretenders. Vicious. Liars. Amoral. Malicious. Petulant. Crybabies. Sycophants. Ruthless. Egotistical. Narcissistic. Petty. Recidivists. Callous. Unprincipled. Cruel. Dishonest. Parsimonious. Self-Indulgent. Vain. Vengeful. Machiavellian. Intolerant. Boorish. Arrogant. Corrupt. Greedy. Oppressive. 

Now it's OK to wave your flag....

We here at the House Of Strays wish for you…

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Hunter S. Thompson We Need You Now  

Bad Craziness in this land of ours these days. Even the jackals on Wall Street have ceased gnawing at each others' necks to watch the spectacle. Who could ever have predicted that this great experimental dirigible called Democracy would spontaneously combust and crash flaming to the ground in two scant years. 

I've been wondering what Thompson would have made of all this; having survived the Nixon years, the Reagan regime and nepotism of the Bush Era he most likely would have been able to impart some…

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Songwriting As Catharsis   

Alternatively, the title of this entry could be: How To Slow The Descent Into Madness. 

What with the rising costs of therapy, I'm pretty happy to be able to exorcise some of my personal demons by writing about them. I think it's pretty efficacious, too - at least for me. I can third-personalize some aspect of my character or makeup of which I am not particularly proud. Or I can treat some of my less-than-ideal traits with humor or sarcasm (or, more likely, a combination of the two.) Writing often allows…

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