Summer Soul-Stice Tour Week One: A Synopsis 

Indeed it has been a busy week. I set the trip meter on the truck at home on Wednesday, left for Tucson, and haven't looked back. I'll check the meter when I get back home at the end of the month to confirm how utterly ridiculous my planning was.

So, Wednesday found me in Tucson at Monterey Court to kick off the tour. I was joined for the evening by my brother in music Robby Roberson, and we had ourselves quite the time. Thanks to buddy Greg Aiken for the crash pad that night! Early Thursday it was off to…

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Summer Soul-Stice Tour  

Indeed, it is upon us. Dates are confirmed, routes chosen, truck serviced, wardrobe (hah!) selected, strings changed - let the worrying begin!

Actually, this is very exciting to me. I am sad to be gone from my family for almost three weeks (although they will undoubtedly survive, nay, thrive, in my absence). I am most thankful for the love and support of my wife, who has made this tour possible. Without her I would still be digging ditches, running pipe and pulling wire. But then without her I would be…

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When Monday Becomes (Turns Into, Not Is Flattering To) Tuesday  

And there's still no blog post. Alas, isn't that the way it goes? Well, I could make up some random topic to foment discussion, but then that would most likely be a waste of everyone's time. And not one of us has any extra time we can afford to waste, do we?

So I'll leave it at that. There's a lesson to be learned here, I'm sure, but I can't for the life of me think what it might be, which is perhaps the lesson in itself. When your days turn into an M.C. Escher drawing it's probably prudent to close your…

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Respect. Reflect.   

Originally Decoration Day, this holiday was established initially to honor those killed in the Civil War (which was anything but civil - indeed, is any war?) Eventually the name was changed to Memorial Day, and its intent is to honor those killed in all of America's wars. Indeed.

Too many dead, too many wars. A topic for another time.

It's noble and right and good to memorialize those who gave their lives for their country. Their belief in and willingness to die for the American Ideal is laudable and…

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Life Navigates The Profane And Sublime  

Sometimes to better effect than others. The line between the two is blurred.

And what is Profane to one is Sublime to the other.
And what is Adored by one is Feared by the other.
And what is Sought by one is Shunned by the other.
And what is Heard by one is Ignored by the other. 
And what is Proffered by one is Concealed by the other.
And what is Taught by one is Confused by the other.

And vice versa. Be kind to each other - we're all we've got....

We here at the House Of Strays wish you a pleasant and…

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Summer Soul-Stice Tour Finalized And Confirmed  

Yep, it's really gonna happen! The Summer Soul-Stice Tour is a 14 show in 18 day extravaganza, the success of which is predicated on the health and survival of my old truck. Starting in Tucson with an apogee in Maine and terminus in Dripping Springs, TX, the tour is comprised of shows at a combination of clubs, coffeehouses and house concerts. Keep reading for more info:

June 12, Tucson, AZ - Monterey Court, 6:30pm
June 13, Las Cruces, NM - House Concert (private show)
June 14, Dripping Springs, TX - The…

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No Consequence?  

As a kid I was made familiar, as were most of us, I imagine, with the concept of Consequence following action (or dis-action). I realized early that to defy parental edict or worse, lie about complying with said edict resulted in a Consequence. Yes, capitalized. Sometimes all caps and italicized. And I learned. Oh yes, I learned.

Apparently these days, in our government, lying is ok. Lying is expected, these days - in written word, during interview, under sworn testimony, and, these days, is met with much…

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Announcing the Summer Soul-Stice Tour  

Yes indeed - the Summer Soul-Stice Tour is going to be a thing! I'm excited to bring my music to different parts of the country, and to meet new friends along the way.

I'm fortunate to be sharing the stage in a few locations with songwriter friends of mine too. I'll keep you updated on the happenings in and around the tour as they unfold. 

We here at the House Of Strays wish you a pleasant week! Be kind to one another - we're all we've got....

Here's a tune from my third record It's A Rough World, Baby

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Boys And Their Toys 

Here's a pre-show picture of the stage (well, corner) setup for a typical RamseyRoberson performance. Yep, that's a lotta stuff. The sum total: two acoustic guitars, two resonators, two mandolins, two banjos, one weissenborn and two lap steels. And I left an electric at home that night, as did Robby. For small venues we run our instruments and vocals through individual Roland AC-90 amplifiers. The works quite well, actually and provides plenty of sound and dispersion for small rooms. 

Anyway, I love the…

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Happy Monday  

Indeed. It IS Monday. Again. It's the first official Monday of this week, and hopefully the only Monday that we'll have to deal with. For now, anyway.

I'm in the midst of planning (finalizing, actually) a tour for late-spring/early-summer. It's called the Summer Soul-Stice Tour, and I'll be starting in Tucson and ending up in Texas, by way of Alabama, North Carolina, DC, Vermont New Hampshire and Massachusetts, Ambitious? I guess. I'm looking forward to playing ER Music for a bunch of folks who've never…

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