Three Cheers For The Venues  

We musicians sometimes think we have it rough; writing, rehearsing, recording, practicing, doing bookings, social media updates, gigging, equipment maintenance, cold calling venues, etc. etc. etc.

Venues have it rough sometimes, too. Aside from usual business headaches like staffing, procurement, insurance, employee benefits, dealing with local code enforcement officials, health department worries, dealing with musicians (!) etc., Venue owners have to figure out a way to keep the doors open. As musicians…

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Give Thanks, Show Gratitude, Be Thoughtful  

Thanksgiving is upon us, signaling the headlong death spiral into the holidays. Now, I'm not really that big a curmudgeon to imply that I hate the holidays, but what I do abhor is the rampant and cancerous commercialism that imbues the season. To wit: Black Friday (ugh!) has become a week-long thing. Brick and Mortar stores now vie to see who can open up earliest - on Thanksgiving Day. 

I used to love the Thanksgiving holiday, and as a child I celebrated the idea of the "first thanksgiving" - you know the…

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Thank You Veterans. Thank You Teachers  

Yes, we are indebted to those serving (and having served) in our military. We certainly seem, in this day and age, to acknowledge our Veterans at every turn. Special discounts, social recognition, free tickets, standing ovations, flyovers, deals on insurance and mobile data service. 

All very much deserved.

Teachers deserve every perquisite so freely given to our Veterans, and perhaps more. They work just as hard. Their responsibilities are every bit as important as those of our military establishment…

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Vote. Please.  

Please vote.

I suppose watershed moments happen all the time, our perception of them depend on personal perspective. I do know for a fact, though, that our country has become meaner, cheaper, and lot less pleasant in the last few years.

Please vote.

I'm not crazy about our politicians in general, but the group of entitled, bigoted troglodytes currently in charge of things have to go. 

Please vote.

If you value women.

If you value truth.

If you values human decency.

If you value science.

If you…

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How Long You Gonna Stand For This  

Lyric for a new song in the works. Shared with you on the wake of yet another (ANOTHER!) mass shooting/hate crime. In this era of intolerance, racism, bigotry and fear-mongering tell me: How long ARE we gonna stand for this?

Hate in the air, lightning on the street  
Everybody on the run 
Thunder in the gutter and blood on the wind 
God won’t help you, son 
Your god won’t help you 

How long you gonna stand - How long you gonna stand for this 
How long you gonna stand - How long you gonna stand for this 


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Use It Or Lose It  

Some dear friends of mine living in the Hill Country of Texas opened a venue in the community in which they live. The idea was to provide an outlet for local musicians, touring professionals and headline caliber entertainers. They would also host classic movie screenings and make the facility available for civic functions and private events.

So what do you think happened? Right. They are closing the doors after November. 

It's not they didn't book good acts. First-tier Nashville singer songwriters graced…

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It's Complicated  

Innit, though? Who do we believe? One side says one thing, the other side says the contrary, BOTH sides present as a bunch of entitled richy-riches looking out for their own interests. Does it feel to you as if the well-being of the few is deemed more important than the wishes - hell, the NEEDS - of the many?

If the MAGA movement has done one thing, it has pointed out that we are not, decidedly, the greatest country on the planet. What we are, and have always been, are a racist, misogynistic, fearful…

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I'm So Very Sorry  

My calendar tells me that today is Columbus Day. It also says that it's Indigenous Peoples' Day. How's that for a steaming pile of Anglo-Saxon irony?

When I was a kid I remember being excited about the tale of Christopher Columbus' "discovery" of the "new world", and then the subsequent story of the first Thanksgiving. It wasn't until I became the nominal adult that I claim to be that I realized just what Columbus' arrival meant. 

You see, as a school kid I believed what I was taught in class. Math…

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Streaming Is GREAT! For The Consumer....  

Not so great for the creator. Matter of fact: streaming services have made it virtually impossible for artists - creators of the content streaming services provide to their subscribers - to earn a living. Many of us have written, blogged, spoken and testified to the inequities inherent in the current music distribution paradigm. Until the consumers, the subscribers, YOU, perhaps, and your friends value the role of the creators of the content you consume, there will be little incentive to change. 

It would…

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Therein Lies The Rub 

It's an odd dichotomy we songwriters find ourselves confronted with: the desire to share our original creations with an engaged, listening audience and the reality that for most audiences, in most venues (bars, coffeehouses, patios, etc), music is little more than background ambience. And our songs are so much more than background filler, right? I mean, RIGHT?? Well, to us they are, anyway. 

So what's the rub? Well, musicians (especially those earning their living that way) need to play. To get paid for…

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