I Cannot Write A Love Song, Pt. 2  

Work still in progress, but getting closer. Here's the second verse:

He said "Long ago I loved so fiercely
That current stripped me to the bone
Nothing left but mud and ruin
And sin that I could not atone

As the wall commenced to crumble
So the levee spilled its seed
Naked there against the deluge
Accursed now for oath and deed

I cannot find the proper words
Or a sympathetic melody
Everything suggests a dirge
When I try I find
That I cannot write a love song"

Yep. Songs, when given their head, sometimes take…

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I Cannot Write Love Song  

Snippets from a work in progress:

Satan caught me at the river
When the surge was running high
He said I could walk on water
We watched the world go washing by

He said "Pity not the wretched refuse
On their backs you will survive"
Gave to me a watch of silver
With no numbers there inscribed

We stood above the rising raging
This to me he did confide:
"I can make most any man do my bidding
But I cannot write a love song"

Stay tuned for more - if you're interested, that is.

We here at the House Of Strays wish you…

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We here at the House Of Strays wish you a week bereft of violence and terror. Our hearts go out to the people of Dayton and El Paso. Enough.

Here's a tune from my second CD Up We Go. I hope you enjoy "Find My Way".



Sometimes, amidst the constant babble of our everyday, I find myself yearning for ... silence. A break from the cacophony of news, advertisements, pleadings, askings, avowals, defamations, orders, warnings, solicitations, requests....

Most of this happens in my head, of course. It's pretty easy to sequester myself from the buzz happening outside my window. Harder to make it quiet inside my noggin. I've tried meditation (fell asleep). I've tried medication (fell asleep). I've tried intoxication (fell asleep…

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Hither And Yon - Notes From The Road  

A few notes from my Summer Soul-Stice Tour; stuff that's come up upon reflection.

7,100 miles in 18 days. Seemed reasonable on paper - quite another thing behind the wheel.
Coolest Venue (literally): Peaks Island, Maine
Coolest Venue (figuratively): Seven Stars Arts Center, Sharon, VT
Most Interesting Food Experience: The young lady telling a co-worker about her recurring strep throat that "just won't go away", as she's making my sandwich.
                                                        (I didn't eat…

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The Love Circuit  

 I'm talking about the synergy that exists between an artist performer and the audience.

There's a special kind of magic that happens every so often, and it's one of the most powerful emotional forces I've ever encountered. When a performer and his audience are both open and receptive and respectful and engaged and ... present ... the energy, the love, that passes back and forth between the two entities is a real, palpable current. This current serves to elevate the performer, certainly, who is the direct…

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Summer Soul-Stice Tour Post-Mortem  

And just like that - poof - it's over. 

14 shows.
18 days.
7,178 miles
Tucson, AZ - Las Cruces, NM - Dripping Springs, TX - Mobile, AL - Greensboro, NC - Nashville, TN - Charleston, WV - Sharon, VT - Lebanon, NH - Peaks Island, ME - Washington, DC - Dripping Springs, TX. That's all....

Two oil changes, much fossil fuel and caffeine consumed, many many new friends and, I hope, fans, lots of memories, and song ideas I have yet to even think about. 

Happy to be home.

Thankful and grateful for a supportive…

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Summer Soul-Time Tour Week 2: Bound To Cover Just A Little More Ground  

And the tour continues - this juggernaut running on a combination of caffeine and fossil fuel. I can't imagine what my carbon footprint looks like by this point. I do know that it's wide and vast....

Tuesday found me in Nashville, TN, at the home of friend and amazing songwriter/musician/producer Shawn Byrne. Remember his name - he's going to be famous some day. Shawn, his lovely wife Amy and main Arlo (14 months) and Bucky the Wonder Dog hosted a house concert for me - the inaugural "Byrnaroo Fest" (named…

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Summer Soul-Stice Tour Week One: A Synopsis 

Indeed it has been a busy week. I set the trip meter on the truck at home on Wednesday, left for Tucson, and haven't looked back. I'll check the meter when I get back home at the end of the month to confirm how utterly ridiculous my planning was.

So, Wednesday found me in Tucson at Monterey Court to kick off the tour. I was joined for the evening by my brother in music Robby Roberson, and we had ourselves quite the time. Thanks to buddy Greg Aiken for the crash pad that night! Early Thursday it was off to…

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Summer Soul-Stice Tour  

Indeed, it is upon us. Dates are confirmed, routes chosen, truck serviced, wardrobe (hah!) selected, strings changed - let the worrying begin!

Actually, this is very exciting to me. I am sad to be gone from my family for almost three weeks (although they will undoubtedly survive, nay, thrive, in my absence). I am most thankful for the love and support of my wife, who has made this tour possible. Without her I would still be digging ditches, running pipe and pulling wire. But then without her I would be…

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