From the recording Right, Raw Or Wrong - LIVE


What Else Do We Need

Come they told me, so come I did
I didn’t see nothing - just a little bitty kid
No different than any other newborn babe
So why did all these folks come all this way

Now I seen lots of babies in my time
And I would be a rich man if I had a dime
For every cigar I’ve been given by a brand new dad
Who believes his son will be the one to fix a world gone mad

I never even knew I was a sinner
Never understood the concept of a “Saint”
All I ever tried to do
Was to be as kind to you
As I wanted you to be to me
Tell me what else do we need

Can’t seem to get away from this old town
Kept my head down and worked my piece of ground
I don’t have much money to my name
But I come here to pay tribute all the same

Here’s an old coat that’ll surely keep him warm
Used to be my boy’s - he don’t need it any more
But I don’t want to go much into that
No I done done all my thinking over that


Them stars sure look bright there in the heavens
Or that might just be the traffic out on the interstate
They been working on the exit - shut it down
Most folks usually pass on by this town

Well I reckon I’ll just be on my way
Not much room here in this stable and I got no place to stay
Don’t scare the little fella in his bed
He needs his rest for what will surely lie ahead

If you want me I’ll be down the road from here
Archangel Michael owes me another beer
At least that’s what I thought he said
Just before he put this notion in my head


© 2018 Eric Ramsey, Eric Ramsey Music, Not Quite Norman Music ASCAP