From the recording On The Record

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I Cannot Write A Love Song
Satan caught me at the river
When the surge was running high
He said I could walk on water
We watched the world go washing by
He said pity not the wretched refuse On their backs you will survive Gave to me a watch of silver
With no numbers there inscribed
(Ch) We stood above the rising raging This to me he did confide
I can make most any man
Do my bidding
But I cannot write a love song
He said long ago I loved so fiercely That current stripped me to the bone Nothing left but mud and ruin
And sins that I could not atone
As the walls commenced to crumble
So the levee spilled its seed
Rendered naked there against the deluge Accursed now for oath and deed
(Ch) I cannot find the proper words Or a sympathetic melody Everything suggests a dirge
When I try I find that I
Cannot write a love song
(B) Oh you will know when it is time Life navigates the profane and sublime
Satan caught me at the river With the torrent near to crest He said I could walk on water Trust in him to do the rest
© 2019 Eric Ramsey, Not Quite Norman Music, ASCAP