1. Gone Gone Gone

From the recording On The Record

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An old lady once told me
‘Bout a Lake Erie waterspout
All the water ran away from the beach She swore she could walk to Canada So far away and so out of reach
Even she can’t trust her memory
The lake is there for all to see
But it was gone, gone, gone
I once stood out in a cornfield Late at night all alone
Looking up at the sky
Suddenly the stars fell down
All at once, they rushed to earth I stared for a long, long time Never saw it in the news
Like it never happened
Then it was gone, gone, gone
There was a girl who said she’d marry me She was more than I could ever hope for But I was more than she could carry
My heart was an exploding star
Then the universe went dark Forever is so temporary
I never saw that girl again Like it never happened
She was gone, gone, gone
All these wonders that seem so mysterious That we can’t believe our eyes
Though they’re standing right in front of us They still take us by surprise
Then they’re gone, gone, gone
Gone gone gone
© 2021 Michael R.J. Roth and Eric Ramsey