From the recording On The Record

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So Much Promise
There’s a battered picture in my room
The portrait of a young Marine
Faded now to shades of gray - so much promise Oh I know his buttons are polished
I can just imagine how they shone like gold Buttons polished, how they must have shone
Battered pictures, tattered letters
Yesterdays flung to the wind
Long ago - now a wooden box holds vestiges of what had been and So much promise
A battered picture I keep as a bookmark The little boy with a catcher’s mask is Looking out on the field - so much promise His future bright
That next half inning gonna shine like gold Future bright, how he’s gonna shine
Broken bats, shattered windows
Baseballs flung into the weeds
Long ago in seasons past - dreams to words, dreams to deeds and So much promise
Shooting stars don’t always hit the ground, oh but when they do They leave a smoking crater and the heavy celestial residue of So much promise
These battered songs I know by heart
I dig them up when I’m feeling low
Turns of phrase, mirrors and smoke and so much promise Memories once exhumed
Cut like razors or they shine like gold
Memories cut like razors, or shine like gold
Broken records, missing words
Melodies sung to the wind
Long ago on yellowed pages scribbled loose-leaf wisdom offered So much promise