1. Mr. Fixit

From the recording Wills And Won'ts

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Baby you've been alone such a long long time
That's an awful situation
You need a little maintenance
And that's just my avocation
If you find yourself a little out-of-sorts
And you don't know what to do
You can call my number, Babe
And I'll be right there for you

Let me oil your hinge
Let me plumb your line
Let me set your levels, Baby
It'll make us both feel fine
Let me change your bulbs
Tighten up your screws
Oh yeah, I know just what to do

Well a new coat of and a tune up, Baby
Might change your attitude
A wash and a wax and a detail
Could do you a world of good
New wiper blades could ease your mind
If the rains become torrential
And if you need a little pick-me-up
Well I could slip your differential

Let me change your oil
Let me plug your leak
Let me set your timing, Baby
Leave your knees little weak
Let me polish your chrome
Let me spin your wheels
Oh you remember how good that feels?


I got a full set of tools, a big shade tree
And an honest point of view
I can fix you up or strip you down
I don't need no manual

Pinstrip paint, brakes and rims
New rubber all around
When I'm through with you little girl
Your feet won't touch the ground

Let me change your oil
Let me strip your gears
My fifteen point inspection inspection plan
Will lay to rest your fears
Let me polish your chrome, pop your clutch
Spin your wheels
Oh you remember how good that feels
(Yes you do!)
To feel that road beneath your wheels
(I'll be your pit crew, Baby!)
Oh yeah, I know just what to do
I'll be Mr. Fixit for you