From the recording Wills And Won'ts

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My Baby loves me in the mornin'
There's no better time of day
She wakes up with her motor running'
Everyday is like Thanksgiving, yeah

Hair undone and the sheets all twisted
Careful not to wake the kids
She smiles just like the Mona Lisa
And it ain't even my birthday, yeah


Don't matter Tuesday or Thursday
Don't matter if it rains or shines
Seems she always wakes up thirsty
My Baby love me all the time

Coffees cold but the toast is burnin'
Dog's scratching' at the door
The sun ain't even cleared the rooftop
I think there might be something good in store
Now I hear her whisperin' something'
Feels like fingers up and down my spine
Her love is so uplifting'
She's gonna let her love light shine


Don't matter Monday or Wednesday
We don't need a clock to tell the time
Right now's as good a time as any
My Baby love me all the time


Seven mornings in the week
Seven ways to make me smile
Seven ways to start the day
Seven ways to make me oo, oo, ooo....
My Baby loves me in the morning'

My Baby loves me in the mornin'
I swear it's my favorite time of day
She comes on like a tornado warning'
I got nothin' more to say
Except this....
And maybe this....