Aaannddd ... We're Off! 

"So much things to say right now, I got so much things to say." ~ Bob Marley

So folks are getting their vaccines, and we're starting to see a tiny spark of light in the abyss. Perhaps, if all goes well, the vast majority of Americans will have their shots by the end of May. Good news indeed. Perhaps, if all goes well, we'll have a return of live music, concerts, club dates, gigs, shows, whatever you want to call them, and we can get back to work. Perhaps, if all goes well.

Perhaps, if all goes well, our healthcare providers, especially the frontline doctors and nurses who have labored ceaselessly on our behalf during this pandemic will get some well deserved and much needed rest. And maybe a bonus.

Perhaps. If all goes well.

Stay safe, wear your mask. Perhaps, if all goes well we won't have to do all this again....


  • LeeLee
    LeeLee Online AZ
    This is a great tune, Eric!

    This is a great tune, Eric!

  • Robert Cantonwine
    Robert Cantonwine SunCity, AZ
    Another great one, ER!

    Another great one, ER!

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