April Fool! 

Yes indeed, I am. And a May fool, June fool. My fool-dom is pretty much a full time endeavor. And it encompasses a remarkably broad spectrum of activities and environments. I'm an eclectic, non discriminating full time fool. Whether I want to be or not. 

Everyone has a place in this wacky mixed up world, and I'm comfortable with my position, much like I'm comfortable with the physiognomy that can loosely be described as my face. Meaning that I've become so used to it that I can't imagine being (or appearing) any other way. 


We here at the House Of Strays (and Fools) wish you a pleasant week filled with things over which you have no control that you choose to embrace rather than rail against. And as hard as it is to do sometimes, be kind to one another.

Here's a tune from my newest record Road Of Man: I hope you enjoy "Everybody's Just A Heartbeat Away"

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  • Darrell Elmer Rodgers
    Darrell Elmer Rodgers New Mexico
    We're all just links in that chain. (homage to Aretha)

    We're all just links in that chain. (homage to Aretha)

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