Although yesterday's Super Bowl was kinda crappy, from National Anthem through whatever the Halftime show was to the game's end, upon reflection two things stand out to me: 

1.Tom Brady, love him or hate him or don't care or don't know who he is, is the Greatest quarterback Of Our Time. I hesitate to use the honorific G.O.A.T. because All Time is just so, well, ongoing and, well, eternal.  

2.The NFL got it right in naming Sarah Thomas as its first female official in the Super Bowl. Here's another shining example for women and girls everywhere that they can do any job a man can do, given the chance. I have already read, sadly but not surprisingly, criticism of her performance in the game. Haters gonna hate.

We here at the House Of Strays wish you a pleasant week. Stay well, stay safe. Wear a mask.

Here's a track form my second CD Up We Go. "I Don't Mind". Please download and share, if you care to.

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