Give Thanks, Show Gratitude, Be Thoughtful 

Thanksgiving is upon us, signaling the headlong death spiral into the holidays. Now, I'm not really that big a curmudgeon to imply that I hate the holidays, but what I do abhor is the rampant and cancerous commercialism that imbues the season. To wit: Black Friday (ugh!) has become a week-long thing. Brick and Mortar stores now vie to see who can open up earliest - on Thanksgiving Day. 

I used to love the Thanksgiving holiday, and as a child I celebrated the idea of the "first thanksgiving" - you know the story - when european immigrants (yes, immigrants) were saved from starvation by local Indigenous tribes. Had those Indigenes had any idea what would transpire in the coming years and generations they might have rethought their largesse.

Today I prefer to think of the holiday as an opportunity to reflect, give thanks for gifts (not material) received and show gratitude to others. These are things I try to do regularly but fail miserably just as often.

We here at the House Of Strays wish you a day filled with love and beauty (however you may find them.)

Here's a tune from my first CD Will And Won'ts for your listening, downloading, sharing or ignoring pleasure: It's All Right


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