Giving Thanks (and other stuff) 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and to my Native American friends my sincerest apologies. As I've gotten older I struggle with the idea of celebrating an event that heralded essentially a genocide movement against the indigenous cultures that inhabited North America. How absolutely human of we white anglo-saxons to accept the help of a society (without which the recipients of said assistance would most surely have perished) only to hound the givers to seven hells. In the name of god, no less. 

But here we are.

Yes, and on Thursday I will give thanks for those I love, for those that love me, for friends near and far, for health, happiness and prosperity (something I should do more often) as I imagine most will. And I probably won't think too much about the nature of the day we're celebrating. Those thoughts usually come unbidden, in the dark of night....

Please enjoy my tune "Up We Go". It's appropriately dark, given the tenor of this post....

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