It's Complicated 

Innit, though? Who do we believe? One side says one thing, the other side says the contrary, BOTH sides present as a bunch of entitled richy-riches looking out for their own interests. Does it feel to you as if the well-being of the few is deemed more important than the wishes - hell, the NEEDS - of the many?

If the MAGA movement has done one thing, it has pointed out that we are not, decidedly, the greatest country on the planet. What we are, and have always been, are a racist, misogynistic, fearful little race of bigoted bullies. And until recently we've always had the economic, industrial and military might to impose our will on the rest of the world.

So, it's complicated, yes. But as any 12-stepper knows, without the admission of a problem we can't begin to fix things. Now that we've identified, uncontrovertibly, who and what we are, will we endeavor to fix us? Where do we go from here?

Here's a tune from my most recent CD Road Of Man entitled "Around Here". It's for anyone who's ever felt ignored, marginalized and/or underrepresented by leadership. 

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  • Scott Fliegel
    Scott Fliegel Albuquerque
    Great groove! Very nice vocal phrasing. BestWishes, Scott

    Great groove! Very nice vocal phrasing.

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