Memphis Giveth, Memphis Taketh Away 

Well, it's IBC (International Blues Challenge) time. I'm honored to represent Arizona and the Phoenix Blues Society this year in Memphis, and anxious to get movin'! Can't wait to see what the week holds in store musically, socially and personally. 

It's staggering to think about all the musical history that's gone down in the Birthplace Of Rock And Roll, as Memphis is known worldwide. Memphis is also called Blues City, The River City and the BBQ Capital Of The World. Each of those nicknames carries its own historical weight. Unfortunately Memphis is also famous for being the location of the 1968 assassination of Civil Rights giant Martin Luther King. Memphis giveth, Memphis taketh away. 

There will be moments of unbelievable beauty this next week, both on stage and in social interactions. There will also be evidence of the still-prevasive racism that remains an awful and mortifying truth in our land. I'm better prepared this year for both.

Please enjoy this video of the Derek Trucks Band doing a tune by Memphis legend O.V. Wright - I'd Rather Be Blind, Crippled And Crazy

And here's a track from my second CD Up We Go, entitled Never Be Free

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