Streaming Is GREAT! For The Consumer.... 

Not so great for the creator. Matter of fact: streaming services have made it virtually impossible for artists - creators of the content streaming services provide to their subscribers - to earn a living. Many of us have written, blogged, spoken and testified to the inequities inherent in the current music distribution paradigm. Until the consumers, the subscribers, YOU, perhaps, and your friends value the role of the creators of the content you consume, there will be little incentive to change. 

It would take a mass consumer boycott of streaming services to effect any change at all. This is not realistic, of course, because consumers are inherently lazy, and generally want as much of (whatever) we are consuming to be easily available when we want it, and as cheaply as possible. I get it. I fall into that trap as well - just not with music. 

The Music Modernization Act - recently passed by both Senate and House but not as yet signed into law - addresses some of the issues affecting the creators of music. It's a step in the right direction. Read more about it HERE.

The single BEST way to fairly compensate creators and performers for their music is to BUY it - from websites, from digital download services such as CD Baby, at shows, etc. Then - if you care about it - you KNOW the money goes to the artist.

We here at the House Of Strays wish you a good week. Be kind to one another....

Here's a new track from my upcoming release Road Of Man: 'Til The Next You Comes Along

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