Summer Soul-Stice Tour Finalized And Confirmed 

Yep, it's really gonna happen! The Summer Soul-Stice Tour is a 14 show in 18 day extravaganza, the success of which is predicated on the health and survival of my old truck. Starting in Tucson with an apogee in Maine and terminus in Dripping Springs, TX, the tour is comprised of shows at a combination of clubs, coffeehouses and house concerts. Keep reading for more info:

June 12, Tucson, AZ - Monterey Court, 6:30pm
June 13, Las Cruces, NM - House Concert (private show)
June 14, Dripping Springs, TX - The Barber Shop, 7pm. Songwriters In The Round with Tom Meny and Megan Lacey
June 15, San Antonio, TX
June 16, Mobile, AL - Haint Blue Brewing Company, 7pm. With Abe Partridge
June 17, Greensboro, NC - Common Grounds Coffeehouse, 7pm
June 18, Nashville, TN - House Concert
June 19, Nitro, WV - House Concert
June 20, Washington, DC - House Concert
June 21, Sharon, VT - Sever Stars Arts Center, 7pm
June 22, Lebanon, NH - Soul-Stice On The Rock (House Concert)
June 24, Peaks Island, ME - House Concert
June 26, Washington, DC - Vinyl Lounge at Gypsy Sally's. 9pm
June 28, Dripping Springs, TX - House Concert

Yep. Lotsa windshield time. Wish me luck! More info as it becomes available. 


Thank for your continued support, and I hope to see you on the road somewhere!


Here's an appropriate tune for your sharing, downloading and listening pleasure: Highway, from It's A Rough World, Baby.

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