Summer Soul-Stice Tour Week One: A Synopsis

Indeed it has been a busy week. I set the trip meter on the truck at home on Wednesday, left for Tucson, and haven't looked back. I'll check the meter when I get back home at the end of the month to confirm how utterly ridiculous my planning was.

So, Wednesday found me in Tucson at Monterey Court to kick off the tour. I was joined for the evening by my brother in music Robby Roberson, and we had ourselves quite the time. Thanks to buddy Greg Aiken for the crash pad that night! Early Thursday it was off to Las Cruces and a house concert hosted by friend and fellow singer songwriter Darrell Rodgers and his wife Deb. We shared songs for a small but attentive audience, and the Rodgers' home proved an ideal spot for a concert. You're liable to be seeing more concerts there!

Friday found me in Dripping Springs, TX (about a 9 hour drive) for a show with my friends Tom Meny and Megan Lacy at The Barber Shop. It was a perfect evening of shared music and friendship, and it was really well attended. Great to see a lot of familiar faces of folks I've met at the Songwriter Festival there. The Saturday show in San Antonio fell through last minute, but to the rescue came dear friends Mike and Michel Ryon, who offered to host a show at their home that evening to make up for the cancellation. Again a beautiful night, and my friend Chris Taylor and his wife came up from San Antonio and joined me in a song swap. So much fun, and the pictures speak for themselves!

Sunday I was in Mobile, AL (another 9 hour drive) to plat at Haint Blue Brewery with my buddy and Mobile icon Abe Partridge. We had a ball, and had a great supportive and attentive audience there as well. Tonight I'm in Greensboro, NC at Common Ground, a coffee house near the UNC Greensboro Campus. (9 hours from Mobile to Greensboro. (Sensing a trend here?) 

Check out the pictures from some of the shows. There'll be more to report soon - this is literally the first opportunity I've had to write. I've been either playing music, driving or sleeping up to now!

Thank you all so much for your support and well wishes. I miss AZ and my family, but they're faring well (too well, actually ... hmmm....) without me. More to come! Please be kind to oe another out there - remember, we're all we've got.

Ramsey Roberson (our good sides) at Monterey Court in Tucson. Note my scalp yarmulke.

Tom Meny, Megan Lacy, ER (R-L) at the Barber Shop in Dripping Springs, TX

With Chris Taylor (one of my favorite humans) at Ryon Acres (Dripping Springs, TX)

At Haint Blue Brewing Company in Mobile, AL. Background art by my friend Abe Partridge!


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