Talking Blues, Pt.4 

Indeed. I had hoped to have a demo version for you this week, but alas.... You'll have to content yourselves with the final verse and hope for the best next Monday. At least that's what I'm going to do. If you add this installment to the others you'll have the entire body of the song, in proper order Pt. 1-4. The melody is simple, and the chorus is actually sung, belying the title "Talking Blues" (which is only the working title anyway.) Check back next week and there just may be a recorded version for you. Or I may have spiraled off into another reality altogether. 

So this happy tribe of Philistines who find themselves currently in charge 
Have somehow conceived and seem to believe that their legacy in our history writ large
Is that of The Saviors of Democracy and The Champions of the Old Guard 
Perched there as they are on Charon’s ghastly, over-burdened barge 
(Which is) piled high with bloated carcasses 
     And taking on water 
Now don’t take me for a blasphemer and don’t take me for a crank 
No, I’m nothing but another beat up pair of boots here in the rank 
Don’t blame me for what’s happening or the kool-ade that you drank 
By the way, how many rats you think jumped ship before that baby sank 
How many do you think were really forced to walk the plank 
     I don’t know, I’m just askin’ 
Remember how that old bromide goes about “good will to all men” 
And ladies too, of course, and kids - I don’t mean to offend 
Anyone or anything in this cold cruel world, I’m just trying to comprehend 
How in a country with so many Haves the Have-Nots still get the short end 
Of just about every stick that gets thrown at them 
     I don’t know, I’m just sayin’

We here at the House Of Strays wish you a pleasant week, wherever you may be. Hopefully you're seeing the first vestiges of spring - being as we are a scant three days from the Vernal Equinox. It's been a long cold winter. 

Be kind to each other.

Here's a tune from my most recent record Road Of Man - please enjoy "The Rest Is Up To You"

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