Trying To Fill Big Shoes 

I was fortunate and honored to win the Stefan George Memorial Songwriting Contest at the Tucson Folk Festival this past weekend. Congrats are in order to all the finalists - each played inspired sets, and I thought each deserved to win.

The contest is named for one of the iconic pillars of the Tucson musical community: Stefan George (RIP) was a monster player/songwriter/musical savant and influence in southern Arizona for decades. He was - in an oft-used and oft-abused term - truly deserving of the honorific World Class. Accomplished - virtuosic, actually, in many styles and genres of music, he was also an evocative performer and songsmith. You can find his music on YouTube, of course, and can also purchase his CDs on iTunes. Please do yourselves a favor and check him out.

And so I keep muddling away, doing what I do, trying to get better at what I do, always keeping a pair of shoes in my closet that I periodically try on for size. Just to see if I'm getting any closer....

Please treat yourselves to these Stefan George tunes: NOBODY'S BABY and this rave-out: LUCKY 13/BLACKBIRD

And please enjoy this tune I wrote for Stefan upon learning of his passing:

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