Wake Up Or Go Back To Bed 

It's a daily morning conundrum for me these days. And more and more I'm tempted to roll back over and sleep until this mess is all over. Which mess? You pick one - there are plenty to go around.

This is, of course, the absolute wrong response to our current situation. The crises that currently threaten our democracy, our country, our humanity and our personal health won't go away on their own, no matter how much we sleep. There are as many questions now as there are purported solutions - most of which are steeped in politics and infused with backstory and subjectivity. 

I don't have an answer to add to the stew. None of my questions are new. So tempting to go back to sleep....

Be kind to one another. Even if you disagree. Be kind.

Here's a tune from my second CD Up We Go. It's called "Find My Way" 

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