We Don't Ask For Happiness... 

Just a little less pain. 

Although finding happiness is certainly a worthwhile endeavor, it seems to me that allowing happiness to find us might in fact be more reasonable and proper. The act of looking for something - the labor involved - especially something as nebulous and subjective as "Happiness" can actually inhibit the finding of said thing. We get so involved in doing the work that we miss or overlook opportunities for happiness that surround us every day. I know I do: I get so involved in the process of searching that I become blind to the beauty in my everyday world.


And even recognizing this tendency doesn't help me much, as I am far too human.

Well, THIS certainly got a little screed-y didn't it. Sorry about that.

We here at the House Of Strays hope you have a wonderful week. 

Here's a rough of a new tune called "A Little Less Pain" for your listening, downloading and sharing pleasure. Please do. It's free!


  • Keith

    Keith Mesa

    Not screed-y at all. As usual nice work!

    Not screed-y at all. As usual nice work!

  • nancy ramsey

    nancy ramsey scottsdale az



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