What To Do, What To Do? 

To say we're in crisis here in our country would be an understatement. Never (in my lifetime) has there been such a spring tide of divisiveness, hatred, phobia and shame. The Greedheads and their pervasive influence on our collective psyches are succeeding in drawing us back into behaviors that hearken to an era most of us would call shameful if not downright evil. 

But wait - we're America. Nothing we ever do is evil, or spiteful, or mean, or ... wrong. We can explain. We can always trot out our founding documents, can't we, re-assert belief in our Manifest Destiny, stamp our little rubber soled jack-booted feet and affirm to all the world - or to the increasingly smaller part of the world willing to listen - that we are Democracy, that we are the Definition Of All Things Right And Good.

And that's what we do. To an increasingly smaller and cynical audience.

We here at the House Of Strays hope for the best - for everyone - regardless of ethnicity, religious belief, appearance, identification....


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