When Old Is New Again (Finished Versus Done) 

Last year I made a commitment (ill-fated, as it turned out) to learn more music theory. My resolve lasted all of about three weeks - until a friend came to my rescue and showed me a system he developed that actually made working sense to me. Now I have a set of tools to help me work out things I previously found troublesome. But that's not what I'm writing about today. It's this:

I have, in various legal pads, notebooks and on my computer probably 25 songs that I've written in the past couple of years. Most I've recorded demos for, but none of them have been performed for anyone save the various strays that wander into my office. So THIS year I'm making a commitment to refine those songs into finished form. They've been done for a long time. Most I'll have to relearn, I imagine, and I'm hoping my friend Albert won't have to be my salvation again this year!

We here at the House Of Strays wish you a pleasant week - wherever you are and whatever you do. Please be kind to one another....

Here's a tune from my newest record Road Of Man. Please enjoy "Sharecropper", and feel free to download and share if compelled.

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