When Your Monday Seems Like Saturday, What Happens To The Rest Of The Week?

It's true - at least for we performers - that occasionally the days of the week have no meaning. While most of the traditionally working world starts their week on Monday and ends on Sunday, for those of us playing music (or performing in any creative medium, for that matter) Friday may be our Monday. Tuesday is my Sunday, sometimes, like this week. For example, I played a show last night (Monday) and now have a couple of days off (Tuesday and Wednesday, or is it Saturday and Sunday?) until my weekend shows when Thursday becomes Monday and Sunday is Hump Day. Confusing? I'll say, and Laundry Day is even less defined by the calendar. Whew!

Have a great week, everyone, however your days shake out for you.

Please enjoy this video of Jackson Browne and Band's version of an all time favorite Warren Zevon song Carmelita

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    Put Warren in the Hall of Fame!

    Put Warren in the Hall of Fame!

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