Hunter S. Thompson We Need You Now 

Bad Craziness in this land of ours these days. Even the jackals on Wall Street have ceased gnawing at each others' necks to watch the spectacle. Who could ever have predicted that this great experimental dirigible called Democracy would spontaneously combust and crash flaming to the ground in two scant years. 

I've been wondering what Thompson would have made of all this; having survived the Nixon years, the Reagan regime and nepotism of the Bush Era he most likely would have been able to impart some wisdom to us all. Problem is there are probably too few of us around left to listen. Of one thing you can be certain: he would have told us the truth - the raw, brutal truth - would have spared no one the stepping razor of his wit. He would have suffered no whiners, no bullies, no prevaricators, no sycophants or colluders or pretenders.

And the Owl Farm would have had the best appointed bomb shelter in the land.

We here at the House Of Strays wish for you a pleasant week full of goodness both given and received....

Here's a brand new tune for your listening, downloading and sharing pleasure:

Never Trust This Weary World (demo) 

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