On Songwriters Groups, And The Challenge Of Creativity 

I'm a member of an online songwriters group - a loose-knit association of fellow tunesmiths (and tunesmisses) that was originally started by a friend I met at a songwriters festival in Texas. To date there are writers from Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Texas, West Virginia, Arizona (me), Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi. It is a wonderfully supportive group of people who share the same passion for music and songwriting. Each week someone from the group provides a prompt - a word or a phrase - that must then be used in the creation of a new song. The prompt must show up in either the title or body of the work, or must be alluded to in the context of the song. The members are then supposed to listen to and comment on each song for the week, sharing what feedback they care to give. It's a great opportunity to learn and grow as an artist. And to be humbled....

Given the wildly diverse backgrounds of the members of our little cadre, it's not surprising the wide range of tunes that are written every week. I am always blown away by at least one, and often ALL of the weekly offerings.

As you might imagine, it is quite challenging to come up with a new song every week. Sometimes they come quickly, sometimes not. Sometimes the songs barely show up at all. Since there's a deadline to meet, the editorial process has to be efficient and ruthless. I've found that this process is both stimulating and terrifying. And I've also found that I work better under these restrictions than I had imagined.

One of the songs borne of this exercise ended up being the first track on my latest CD It's A Rough World Baby.

Please enjoy "Big Old Bunch Of Your Love" (for your listening, downloading and sharing pleasure!) It's FREE!

We here at the House Of Strays wish you a pleasant and joy-filled week....


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