Reflections on a Cloudy Morning 

Happy post-Memorial Day, and I'm sitting here thinking about the most recent holiday. It's cloudy and cool this morning, so that probably influences my state of mind. 

Yet another typically American holiday has come and gone. There's evidence that the observance began in the South in 1865, on May 1, to honor the 250-odd Union soldiers that died in a makeshift prison at Hampton Park Race Course in Charleston, South Carolina. The honor-ing was done by members of clergy, missionaries, and perhaps 3000 freedmen - recently freed black Americans. 

In American fashion, via an act of Congress, the celebration was moved to the last Monday in May to accommodate our need for a three day weekend....

So on Memorial Day we honor those who have fallen in service to our country. An admirable observance, certainly, but I'd like to add something else: In the course of serving our country, fallen soldiers were of course felling soldiers (and civilians, too, if we're to be accurate) of the nation(s) with which we were at war. I'm sure those young (mostly) men performed bravely in the service of their countries too. Rather than Memorial Day being yet another jingoistic paean to American might and right, how about we celebrate everyone who perished in those horrid acts of war between humans?

Just a thought.

I hope the sun comes out soon....

Here's my song "Our Flag Decals Still Won't Get Us Into Heaven" for your enjoyment. Download it for free, if you'd like. Share it with zeal, if you choose.

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