Songwriting As Catharsis  

Alternatively, the title of this entry could be: How To Slow The Descent Into Madness. 

What with the rising costs of therapy, I'm pretty happy to be able to exorcise some of my personal demons by writing about them. I think it's pretty efficacious, too - at least for me. I can third-personalize some aspect of my character or makeup of which I am not particularly proud. Or I can treat some of my less-than-ideal traits with humor or sarcasm (or, more likely, a combination of the two.) Writing often allows me to step outside a situation and view it from a more dispassionate perspective.

Lest you think everything I write is autobiographical; I make a LOT of stuff up. That's a prime benefit of the medium, tho: I can be telling the truth or making it up, and with a good melody, a hook and a chorus it's heard to tell.  And sometime I don't even know which is which....

We here at the House Of Strays wish you a wonderfully musical week!

Here's a tune from my CD Up We Go called "Find My Way" Is it autobiographical? YOU tell ME :)

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