Walkin' In Memphis pt. 5

And walkin' we did, today. Since there was no need to prepare for this evening's semifinal round (harrumph!), we (St. Marci and I) decided to take in a few more sights in Memphis. We walked to Sun Studio and took the factory tour along with 39 of our closest European friends. It was claustrophobically amazing to see the room in which songs that defined and scripted the soundtrack of of the 50s and 60s were recorded.

On to the Gibson Guitar production facility, where we learned that the next tour, and the next, and the next were sold out, and that the final tour of the day would not include the actual production aspect, and that we would have to wait three hours to see nothing being produced.

We repaired to the bar....

Only to find out that it wasn't broken....

Oh my....

We then stopped by Auto Zone Park - home of the Memphis Redbirds, Triple A affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals. Took a couple of wobbly photos (for incentive)
for our son who's playing college baseball, then and chatted up the young intern who was watching over the place, assuring him, while skirting the barriers placed no doubt to keep our particular kind of riffraff out, that we'd only be a minute. Nice to be married to a defense attorney.

We then met a direct descendent of the Apostle Paul, who gave us a screed providing guarantees on how to live long and productive lives.

Indeed, a full day for anyone!

Semifinals started at 6pm Friday evening, and run 'til at least 11pm, making it far too late to for us oldies to negotiate, but we hear that eight finalists will be moving on to the finale at the Orpheum tomorrow afternoon. We wish them all luck tonight!!!

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  • Jay Taylor
    Jay Taylor Phoenix
    We'll all be glad to have you back...

    We'll all be glad to have you back...

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